Nothing can extinguish my anger.

And nothing can restore my faith.

This is not a world in which I wish to live.

— Sarah Kane - 4.48 Psychosis (via melinablue)
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[[ yall also need to look at my new val necklace ]]

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[[ it’s munday, and… i start school again this week and yall gotta see what i’m wearing ok ]]

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[[ dead tired once again… but i’m off tomorrow so hopefully i’ll be on… love yall ;~; <3 ]]

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[[ hhhh sorry to everyone i owe replies to… capitalism is crushing me and i’m officially too tired from work to do anything ;-; soon, my loves… ]]

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//The cold wakes Karma up a few hours later. She groans a little as she stretches without opening her eyes, clinging to the last dregs of her peaceful sleep.// Nnngh… //One arm is draped over her waist, the other splayed out to the side, but she brings them both in close to her chest as she turns onto her side, curling into a ball against the chill around her. Despite it though, she feels good, and her lips twitch into a soft smile as she remembers the source of the happiness in her chest. It’s only then that she notices the distinct lack of him in her arms, and she frowns, quickly opening her eyes to see if maybe he’d just moved over. When she doesn’t find him in her direct field of vision, she sits up, frantically scanning the area under the bridge. She’s alone.//

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